Karenís Approach to Teaching Beginning Piano


The piano is the consummate musical instrument, as it is not only a solo instrument, but it provides is own harmony. It is also one of the main instruments used to accompany others. All singers should have a basic ability to play the piano as it facilitates the learning of their songs and familiarizes the singer with both the treble and bass clefs. Possessing the ability to play the piano is a wonderful life-long skill that can provide joy to both the pianist and the listener. Learning to read music and play an instrument also improves mathematical skills and improves both right and left brain function, all the more so with pianists who are reading and playing several lines of music simultaneously.

Karen teaches beginning students correct posture, finger and hand position. The students learn how to read the treble and bass clefs, learn note recognition and music theory (rhythm, note duration, intervals, harmonics). Using several different beginning piano technique books, including the timeless “John Thompson” and books, the student begins playing simple songs immediately. As he/she progresses, new skills and theory are learned and at each lesson, new music is assigned.

The expectation is that the student will practice daily.