Are there any pets in the studio?

Yes, Karen has two, small dogs….a toy poodle and a miniature pinscher, both rescues.

When are lessons given?

Karen is available most days, except Wednesday afternoon/evenings and Sunday mornings.

What is your cancellation policy?

Preferably 24 hr. notice, unless an emergency or illness arises.

Should I come to my lesson if I am sick?

No. Please stay home until you are feeling well enough to enjoy your lesson!

Is there any flexibility in lesson prices?

Occasionally, if there is real financial hardship. Lessons are discounted if paid in advance as a set of four lessons. (see pricing)

What do I need to bring to lessons? Please bring a composition book for assignments and a three-ring binder for your music, as well as any music books which you are working from. Please bring a pencil, as well.

Do I need to buy music?

Voice students will be given copies of vocal exercises and some songs to work on, but will occasionally be asked to purchase vocal books. Piano students will be given theory sheets to study, but will need to purchase piano method books. You are free to purchase them on your own through local stores or on the internet. If you like, Karen can purchase the books for you for a nominal fee.